The Way Home

I am 45 years old, and for the last 4 years or so have been going to church, reading my bible, praying (sometimes not too faithfully), and generally trying to find God. The problem is that He cannot be found, He must find me… that really scares me sometimes. I can’t do it, I have tried to let go, wait on the Lord, trust Him, but something about that is not working. Am I too confused, too hopeless? By myself I am, but the Word promises that His strength is made perfect in my weakness… OH BOY, then you’ll really love me Jesus! So, keep on keeping on…

I am creating this blog to document my search for Christ, my journey home. I experienced Christ in a powerful way as a young man, but walked away after several years. Looking back, no reason is a good reason to ever do that. But the world can appear so good, so intoxicating, it gets you all stirred up inside, so that you make a bad decision that can last a long time.

So, how to find my way back home…


About chuck

Aha! Look what I've created. I... have... made... FIRE!!!
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