On Small Groups

Looking back, the closest that I have been to Christ, when I could hear Him most clearly, was not in an institutional church, but in a small group. While in college, I attended Intervarsity Christian Fellowship. At the time, Intervarsity did not have a local student body director, we students met on our own, when the Spirit moved us. There were perhaps 12 of us that met on a regular basis, and we developed a very unique method of bible study. We would pray as a group before we adjourned, and whomever the Lord touched was responsible to bring the next weeks lesson. It was that simple, the Lord directed us. Well, after graduation, I ended up back in an institutional church, one with all of the man-made rules, boards, “methods”, etc. I slowly starved to death. It was my fault, I should have been looking for that same small group somewhere else, but I thought that if I was at church on Sunday morning, Sunday nite, and Wednesdays, I would be fed and would grow. Wrong. Deep inside I always resented the church hierarchy, but could never place my finger on why I disliked it so. Now that I have been reading about house church / simple church, I see that I was not alone at all, there are many thousands of us out there all along.


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2 Responses to On Small Groups

  1. Norma says:

    I think it is important to be connected to a small group fellowship, but after about 35 years of various “contract” groups which lasted from 6 weeks to 15 years, I now feel closer to God in corporate worship, with liturgy and old, public domain hymns. Fortunately, in Christianity and in Jesus, one size doesn’t fit all.

  2. Jim says:

    You are absolutely correct, Norma. I am in a liturgical church, which blends modern worship songs with historical creeds, and practices. I’ve been both places, and I think I need both.Nice to hear from you!

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