The Heart of the Matter

My 9 year old son doesn’t like going to church, it’s boring he says. You know what, it usually is. In fact, up until my 20’s I would hardly darken the church door, because I hated it, IT WAS BORING!

That’s why I can’t really blame him, the apple does not fall far from the tree. But why is it boring?

Now, we only go to “Sunday school”, because that’s where we feel that church is, in our small groups, free to not wear ties, and to talk, loudly if we want! We also eat, pick on each other, and relate on a spiritual level. It is closer to New Testament church than I have been in a long time.

Still, I feel the need to be with other believers, but the Sunday morning ritual just does not get it for me. I want to break bread, read scripture together, talk about it, laugh together, learn about what my brother needs, expose my naked heart, to heal his naked heart. I want a community, I need a community. What this is, is the temple of God, church, the Ecclesia. Where Jesus is in control, the Head. Polished stones, fitted together by God, a house not made by hands, where the Spirit dwells.

This article below just about says it all, says what I feel but cannot put into words. Unfortunately, I am not quite prepared to “get Amish”, at least not for awhile!

My wife could not be held accountable for her actions!


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