The Cares of this World

Jesus told us not to worry about what we need in the way of clothes, food, shelter, companionship, basically all of the “necessities” of life. There really is very little else to worry about if we truly heed His words. What is it that keeps elevating itself in the place of obedience to God?

For me, it’s the curiosity factor often times. I’ll admit that I have a fascination with technology, computer stuff, and have a tendency to become fixated on “things”. Perhaps I am a little more susceptible to the subliminal marketing that has made us all victims of consumerism.

What would it look like if a group of people did not worry about the neccesities of life, but prayed and trusted God to provide for them? What would they spend their time doing if not worrying, or striving for all of these lesser things? They would be focused upon serving God, their fellow man, each other, in Love. That is the reason that Jesus has told  we can’t serve two Masters, for we will love the one and hate the other (by comparison, giving Him less glory, honor, sacrifice, and praise than the “other”).

“Love the Lord your God with all of your heart, mind, and soul, and to love your neighbor as you love yourself…” It is pretty clear that our main purpose is to love our true Master, and leave it up to Him to provide the things that we need in order to make it through. OK, I am feeling convicted, I need to make different choices that demonstrate my love of God, my love for my neighbor. Not to prove to myself that I am a follower, but because God is waiting in the wings, waiting for us to provide a moment for Him to display Himself, to act, to exercise His authority on earth.

This is what I really want, what I really hope for, and what I have forgotten is that God needs each one of us in order for His body to perform “greater things than these…”.
I want to be in on it, to see God work, to feel His presence, to hear Him say ” Well done…”


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