Brain Chemistry of the Buddha

We watched a show last night (Babara Walters) on spirituality and the genetic markers that may indicate ones ability to meditate, believe, and feel connected to those around us in a spiritual sense. The gene called VMAT2 supposedly regulates certain brain chemistries and determines ones ability to transcend the here and now. While watching this a light bulb went off regarding “election” and “predestination”. Could it be that what the Word calls predestination is really a genetic predisposition to spiritual matters, a so called spiritual sixth sense? That probably comes closer to explaining it than anything else does.

However, one gene, or even a dozen genes, it probably isn’t. It is most likely a very sophisticated mosaic of genes that “influence” this behavior, but don’t dictate it. We are all products of nature, nurture, and choice. All three in combination make us who we are today, and what we will be tomorrow.

Still it is an intriguing thought, and one we’ll have to follow to see if there is anything to it.


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