Followers of Jesus – Peacemakers or Warriors?

If we truly take Jesus words at face value, if he means what he says about loving your enemy, being your brothers keeper, the golden rule, that blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called Sons of God…how can Christians wage war?

How can you slaughter a man on the battlefield, his organs rupturing and spilling all over you, the taste of his blood in your mouth, and claim to be filled with the Spirit of God? Isn’t that what we vilify radical Islam for?

Some say that to not fight can be immoral in itself. I think that response really displays an incredible lack of confidence in what God can do when a man really prays. And who has ever said that peaceful resistance is doing nothing, sometimes it costs you your very life. Spiritual warfare does cost lives, but not someone else’s. It costs yours. Like a grain of wheat. Ask our Lord.

I’ve looked at the criteria for a “Just War” laid down by Augustine and Aquinas, and don’t really believe that there is a just war. War is only a further degradation of sin, deepening darkness, and perpetuates the cycle of violence, injustice, bitterness, and retaliation. War is the business of governments, the kingdoms of this world, leave them to it.

We are not of this kingdom, we are looking for the Heavenly Jerusalem, coming with clouds of witnesses. How can we dabble in what Paul called “civilian affairs” such as these?

I had set up a poll on a web forum that I frequent, and was simply amazed at the number of christians who think that war is good, has redeeming value, is beneficial. I was simply shocked.

The way is narrow, very narrow, and it is the way of Love.

Orthodox Peace Fellowship


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