Heading Home

My Dad is failing fast, and I’ll be heading home to spend the last days by his side. I just spoke with his Doctor, and it is only a matter of several weeks now. How do you prepare for this? It has been coming for 9 months now, and I’ve spent nearly every chance I’ve had talking to him, visiting him, comforting him. Could I have done more? Those thoughts will inevitably come later. Death stalks each one of us, and we do not know the time. This scene had been played out literally billions of times since the beginning of creation, yet for he and I it will be a unique, defining moment. Another watermark. He is a grain of wheat, ready to be sown in corruption, and raised incorruptible. I am still a child, wanting to hold tightly onto what can only be held with a light and tender touch.

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One Response to Heading Home

  1. Bruce says:

    My friend and brother…thanks for beautiful thoughts about a your wonderful Dad and your journey with him. Thank God for all the moments that mean so much.Love, Bruce

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