Still in Charlotte…yeah

I was the 13th standby for the 7:50 flight to Cleveland. Not encouraging. So, to dull the pain, I had a Freschetta 4 slice pizza and a Corona. MmMm..Good! Afterall, it was way past dinner time. OK, so now the Charlotte airport doesn’t seem so bad. I am a standby on the 9:50 flight tonight, and if that doesn’t pan out, I will stay in a local hotel and fly out at 7:50 am courtesy of US Air. I will get home, one way or another.

Thinking about what Tillich had to say, somewhere along the way I’ve crossed an important line theologically speaking. Having grown up staunchly Protestant, I looked down my nose at those rosary-rubbing fish eaters. Just kidding! I never ever used those terms (except for just now), but I did hold them, you, suspect. That was the heart of the sentiment, even though I had several very good RC friends. And even though none of my older friends have ever discovered this blog except for Bruce, I offer up an apology for the attitude of my heart toward my Catholic brothers and sisters. I’ve just really awakened to the fact that our faith is comfortably large enough for all of the family members to sit on the couch, and eat popcorn together. And there is actually a fantastic treasure trove of early Christian material that we would not even be aware of if it were not for the vigilance of Roman Catholicism.

Now, if the Reformation has only produced an ever widening spasm of division and schism, did it ever accomplish the task at hand? Did Luther’s revolution fail? Or can the wounded Anglican Communion return to Orthodoxy, and reinvigorate a Reformed Catholicism that is in fact genuine? If it can, it may then be the only Church that has fulfilled his vision.

If it can’t, then there are other questions that will need to be asked…like do all roads really lead to Rome, or perhaps rather to Constantinople?


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