An Active Pacifism

The title is a link to the original post by Father Jake. This is the thing that I’ve been feeling as well for along time now, said much better than I certainly can.

Pacifism is not passive. Read that again. It is not passive. That is the notion that most people have, that of a Casper Milk Toast Jesus follower just saying that everything is lovely and good, and turning a blind eye to the injustices of this world.

That is not what Jesus did, nor what we are called to. Somehow, we need to experience the power of His resurrection, and simultaneously be made like Him in His death, knowing the fellowship of His sufferings and thereby obtain to the resurrection of the dead.

That is radical. Not the kind of thing that would make many want to follow you. No, it is a narrow way. Not an easy believe-ism, but a call to discipleship and sacrificial living. In what sense do we take up our cross? Is our cross a spiritual decision, or is it a physical life burden, maybe both? Or is it the applied work of the cross, taking us “outside the camp”, in opposition to our culture, where we are derided, misunderstood, and vilified for the good we do? I think it is the latter, the suffering we endure for the sake of Jesus and His message.


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