I Caught Your Spirit Yesterday

I run the risk of sounding like a mad man here, of revealing something that I definitely cannot explain, that makes no sense. Maybe is even heretical. As Spock says, it is not logical.

Yesterday I stood in the garage, and looked at my Dad’s golf clubs. He told me that they do not like sitting up and gathering dust like mine do, and made me promise to take them out and use them, they need the exercise he said.

Well, as I looked at the clubs, I said “Dad, don’t worry, I’ll take your clubs out to play, I’ll use them for you, and think about you every time I do. I hope you are well, I love you and miss you.” Even though I am having serious neck trouble, I will take them out and let them breath. I’ll let them play in the dirt and especially the sand. I seem to end up there often anyway.

As I turned to go inside, I really heard him speak. It was like a missile that echoed off of the inside my head, his essence was there, his voice was strong and clear, he sounded jubilant, younger. He said that he was doing great, that everything was OK, and to tell Mom and Lori not to worry. I stood there for a moment, puzzled, not sure of what had just happened. It was so focused, concentrated, alive. Then I slowly then went inside.

You know, Dad, before you left, we talked several times about your fear of dying. And the one thing you repeatedly said was that if someone had come back and told you that it was not so bad, you’d not be so afraid. It was still a great unknown, even with what we know by faith.

And here you are, it’s just like you. You just told me… It’s wasn’t so bad, I am doing great now, I’m happy, I am free.

Thanks, Pop. You know that you really took me by surprise this time, don’t you? Don’t be mad, but I will still always miss you.



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