The Value of Suffering

Do not trust your mind too much; thinking must be refined by suffering, or it will not stand the test of these cruel times.” – Fr. Seraphim of Platina

Yes, knowledge without practical application, without testing, withers away and becomes a fact filed away for a day of debate, but not a sure foundation on a day of truth, a day of war.

So, suffering puts iron in the soul, allowing the truth to be used, sharpened and honed, a sword of the Spirit ready for the day of battle.

Practice wears in the blade, the handle fits better, your fingers can find their proper position without the need to take your eyes off of your opponent. Yes, suffering is spiritual practice, exercise in Truth. But not the type of self inflicted torment that some would have, no, times of testing will come. Opportunities will arise, and once the blade has been sharpened, stand and face the Enemy. Stand, and keep an eye on him, for all you have suffered has prepared you for the day of Truth.


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