Paul, Ascetic or Pentecostal?

Father Stephen, over on “Glory to God for all Things”makes the following statement…”I have said before that Americans want the spiritual life of Mother Teresa and all of the shoes of Imelda Marcos. And much of modern day Pentecostalism and its offspring have offered just this: an experience of God which can turn the blandest of personalities into prophets of the Kingdom without at the same time turning them into the ascetics of the desert. Paul was an ascetic, not a Pentecostal.”

This is so true!! We want it all, isn’t that what the American dream (nightmare) is all about? Perhaps the only true pentecostal is the ascetic.

I feel this deep hunger for God, a restlessness inside. I hear a voice, but it continues to say “take up your cross and follow me”, and also says, “Simon, if you love me, feed my sheep.”


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