Orthodox Church is a Wounded Sister

Orthodox churches as true sister churches, but suffering from a “wound”, according to Pope Benedict.And Protestant churches, well they are just wounded in a “more profound” sense. In fact they are not really churches at all, but “ecclesial communities” operating without an efficacious means of salvation (I read that to be an invalid “sacrament”).And Anglicans? They have been talking with the Holy Father for 40 years now. That’s one long, and ineffective, conversation. I say we all go out for pizza and beer, and come back and sit down again once everyone’s reptilian needs are satisfied.

In my misty fundamental beginnings, that would have been considered somewhat improper, although worthwhile. But then we saw no problem with playing the “Find the Pope in the Pizza”contest on Saturday Night Live. Go figure.

BTW, they could find the MOST ingenious places to hide the Pontiff, he would simply melt away into the background of cheese and pepperoni like nothing I’ve ever seen, brilliant culinary camouflage, absolutely brilliant!

He’s having a little trouble hiding from the press after these last several statements though. Perhaps a dab of mozzarella is in order.

If only there had not been a little thing called the Great Schism… or the Reformation, or the next Reformation, or the next Reformation, or the Reformation after that, or… those widening ripples in the pond that just won’t ever stop…

“Why can’t we all just get along?


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