I am not a plummer

I have been getting a lot of experience at handy man projects around the house lately. Things are breaking, wearing out, being upgraded, etc. And I am “the handy man”. Woodworking, painting,wiring,tiling, etc. are not a problem. I can pull those jobs off without a hitch, they look good (enough) and work well. I even built a two-story playhouse for the kids that survived the best that the neighborhood could throw at it. But I am not really a plumber. Oh, I can get it done, but there is a sense of art to serious plumbing that I don’t possess. I am not an artist, secretly I wish I were. Can that be cultivated at my age?

I remember watching my Grandfather sweat on all types of fittings and joints, smooth, beautiful soldering work that could be admired just for its own sake. I prefer plastic, slip-joint type plumbing solutions. I never did learn how to solder from Gramps. He was an artist.

Today, I was working on my daughters sink. The faucet has been leaking internally for a while, I just found out (!). Nice, damp, cockroach habitat!

Anyway, I replaced the offending parts, even cut some new copper line to replace what I thought was bad. Stand back, I’m turning on the water to admire my handy work…

The fixture is now in the trash, and tomorrow I go to sit at the feet of the experts at Lowes… and come away with one of those plastic fitting things that you just screw onto the pipe.

Repeat after me, “I am not a plummer”.

edit- the solution is to buy new faucets, with the screw on water hoses, and viola! No fuss, no muss, no soldering. Sorry Gramps, but I like plumbing just fine now that soldering is nearly obsolete. Now, my daughter’s bathroom looks better than the others in the house, that WILL become a problem ;>)


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