Jim Glassner Memorial Century Ride

My (spiritual) brother Brad and I are training to ride the Jim Glassner Memorial Century Bide Ride on September 1. Dr. Jim was a friend of a friend, and was killed on a Sunday morning in 2001 riding a country lane. An old man who had just had cataract surgery, and shouldn’t have been on the road, was driving a half mile from his house to his church. He hit Jim and a friend. Jim died. Although we didn’t know Jim, we’re going to ride to honor the memory of the man, in solidarity with our mutual friend Jeff who knew Jim well and rode with him often. A century is a 100 miler… along way on a skinny seat.

I rode the Hancock Handlebar 100 in western Ohio about 23 years ago, young and full of pee and vinegar, and in an excellent time. Now, I am 20 pounds heavier, 23 years older, and speed is a relative thing to me. Some days I go fast, at least I think so. I am still riding the same old steel framed bike I rode in the Hancock 100. I am a real tightwad I guess. It looks cool, kinda retro.

If this turns out well, I may ride for Team in Training (Leukemia and Lymphoma Society). I want to do something to honor the memory of my Dad, he had requested no flowers, only donations to the local Leukemia Foundation. I think he’d like this. He was glad that I was getting so fit, and really encouraged my riding. I’ll have to see what races are coming up, where, and what type of training regimen will be involved. Time is not plentiful, though.

So far this week I’ve ridden 80 miles, and Saturday am I’ll take off before the chickens get up and try to ride 50 or 60 before it gets hot.

I rode tonight, so now I stumble to the cabinet looking for a little relief in a bottle…

Yeah, that’s right…Advil.


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