Walking Home

Looking back through my blog, it is awfully apparent that I have lost my direction, and taken a detour, taken a wrong turn at one of those crossroads. I’ve begun to look at things in the news, the Anglican world, and forgot what prompted me to do this in the first place. I’m not a newswire, nor a theologian. Organized religion is self destructing all around us. Perhaps the great falling away is upon us. I don’t know, I’m just a guy, wanting more of Jesus. Definitely “low church”. Definitely. Ha Ha! I sound like Raymond Babbit, Rainman. “Uh oh, 10 minutes to Wapner”.

The reason I began this was that I was trying to find my way home. I still am, and have discovered that I won’t be home until I reach the other shore, until I take my tent down on this side and cross to the next. I am a stranger here, I look at those round me and can see that. Some of those closest to me tell me that. “You are too serious with that bible stuff, old fashioned, too literal. It’s only good for children until they grow up”. I want to remain a little child.

I have re-discovered that Jesus saved me along time ago, when He bled and died at Calvary. I don’t have to do anything to help him out here. The part I struggle with is looking at myself, not seeing much fruit, and feeling constricted, thwarted. Failure to produce. What kind of soil am I?

I am taking my neocounter off, but will leave the photo album and the reading list. I always find interesting things to photograph as I ride through the country side. The reading list will be shorter, though. I think I’ve read too much, and it hasn’t told me much more than I had suspected before I began. It’s given me some nice detail, and I have learned some valuable things about our faith. But my faith has begun to get a little too cerebral (i.e. fat-headed). And I really don’t like that. I need real food for real life in the trenches. When I start quoting too many authors, I begin to think I am getting too big for my britches. Jesus came with the foolishness of God, the offense of the cross, to those who believed like little children. I think I am going to keep it that way.

So, this blog is just to leave signposts along the way, as I travel these Crossroads. It is not any more important than that.



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5 Responses to Walking Home

  1. kelly says:

    Hi JimYou are learning good stuff. I like looking over your shoulder as God teaches you.Hang in there

  2. ~m2~ says:

    i am glad you aren’t going any where — i just found you (or did you find me??)i have also been at a crossroads and just when i feel one way, something shifts in my thinking and i go dry…had a long talk with the deacon/head of religious ed at my church today and he compared me to the saints going thru their dry spells (silly man!)hang in, hang out and keep writing. you never know who you are reaching…

  3. Jim says:

    Thanks, Ladies, you are definitely an encouragement! It’s hard to believe that anyone even looks at this stuff! LOL!

  4. Jim says:

    m2, I posted a half thought out comment on your blog today and one of your readers poked me in the eye, I just bumped into you as I ran out of the room!You are a saint, and dry spells are part of the pruning process, unless of course there are other things goin’ on.I am not going anywhere, I’m here for the duration ;>)

  5. ~m2~ says:

    listen, sweetie – i appreciate even your half-thought-out comments more than you could know! keep coming, next time, don’t pass me without saying hello :)i am being pruned, that’s for sure, but as i was once told in confession, do not go without receiving the Eucharist for the “farther away you get from the fire, the colder it gets.” that is sooo true.peace.

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