Here we go again…

My cousin Randy has had Wegener’s Syndrome since he was 19 years old. I don’t know alot about it, except it is a vascular disease. He’s been down the chemo route several times, hip replacements because of the chemo, and has just finished treatment for bladder cancer caused by one of the early chemo drugs they gave him. An obviously unwanted side effect.

He’s been undergoing treatment for the bladder cancer, and I think things were looking up. Today he sent me a scan of his latest MRI, and it looks like it has spread to his kidneys.

We’re going to talk tonight, and I’ll find out more. The shame of it is he’s my baby cousin. And he has a wife and 4 teenagers depending on him. And he’s one of the best golfers I know.

I remember golfing with him at Manakiki in northern Ohio many moons ago. He was already having hip trouble from the chemo, and had to use a cane in his early 20’s. We were standing off to the side of a green, waiting for a Japanese foursome to finish before we teed off. It was raining lightly, and we were just standing around watching them putt (sounds fun, huh?)

This slight gentlemen approached the green, picked up his marker, set his ball down, and lined up. I think he had just started to make his back swing when lightening struck out of no where.

He dropped like a sack of potatoes to the green, smoke billowing out from under his rainsuit. His pals were standing around bewildered, talking loudly.

I looked around and couldn’t find Randy, who was using an aluminum cane and carrying his driver as well. I was a little worried, until I saw him sprinting like Carl Lewis down the pathway. I have a twisted sense of humor, because as I watched him running with his cane in one hand and driver in the other I just about wet myself. I had never seen a crippled man run so fast in my life!

I turned back to the green, and the man was still laying there with his partners all around. Shortly, he sits up, coughs a few times, stands up and brushes his rainsuit off (which looked scorched), picks up his putter and gets ready to make the shot (!!?). I could still hear thunder, and sizzling up high, and was running for cover as fast as I could.

So, we’ll talk tonight, about many things…


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