Chasing The Rain

Tonight I rode a slightly different route, threw in something new and different. Everywhere I went, on every obscure county road, I was chasing the rain. The scent of fresh rain was in the air everywhere, it was was cool, alive as only clean air can be. And as I rode, I met with the fragrance of fresh cut hay, watermelon, grilled hamburgers, and Gatorade Cherry Rain.

The Cherry Rain was due to a pit stop I made at mile marker 20. It was necessary, believe me. I walked into the mini-mart looking like a cross between Mad Max and Swamp Thing…nasty. I am sure I was good for business.

As usually happens, I went from feeling like I was working to feeling great at mile 25. It must be endorphins kicking in, because at that point I can run the last 11 miles home without any discomfort at all.

Hold on, I’m going to do the flea-hop on you…

Someone noted that men don’t multi-task well. I partially admit to this as a typical man, and I apologize for that deficiency, but I think it’s genetic. I know some men who are extreme exceptions to this rule, and they have risen to the top of their professions partly due to this ability. I have an annoying habit of really wanting to think about one thing at a time. It’s a burden, and usually a luxury not easily afforded.

Anyway, when I ride, I am free. Freer than usual. And I think the reason is that a large portion of my small brain is used to maintain balance, watch for cars, dogs, road kill, etc. All the while I’m watching a heart rate monitor, watching the time, and trying not to run off of the road or into pot holes. For me this is multi-tasking…

And this leaves me with very little to devote to anything else, like thinking about life too hard. So, when I ride my mind is free, at least for 2 hours and some odd minutes.

Now, it is time to finish my budgets for a meeting this week. In the morning I’ll find out who has purchased my company, and probably by the end of the week what options I have.

Freedom is over, time to think.

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2 Responses to Chasing The Rain

  1. Vee says:

    Hi Jim,I just wanted to say thank you for your kind words yesterday, they were much needed.God Bless you.

  2. ~m2~ says:

    i would love to ride by the smells of fresh cut hay, watermelon, grilled hamburgers, and Gatorade Cherry cool 🙂

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