Summer is Over…And it’s HOT, HOT, HOT!

Yep, the school year started last Tuesday. It just doesn’t seem right. When I was a kid we went back to school a week or two after Labor Day, by that time we had worn the summer out of ourselves.

Now they start here in early August, which sadly makes more sense due to the heat than I want to admit. Except for my son and football practice, when it’s over 100.

The last Saturday before school, August 4th, I took the kids kayaking on the Coosa River. They let a lot of water out below Jordan Dam on the weekends, and it is a blast for about 4 hours, especially when the lake levels are higher and they are letting out a good flow. But it was hot, around 100, the flow was not as good, and the kids soon found excuses to jump out of the kayaks. That’s not really us in the photo, but it is on the Coosa.

So we all jumped in at the top of several rapids, and shot them on the seat of our pants, floating feet first. D was swept about a half mile downriver before he could get to shore, and I had to take the double kayak down there, pick him up, and then bring him back so he could shoot them in the solo kayak himself. J and I went down in the double, looking like pro’s. Several water fights broke out, and I seemed to get the worst of it from both of them. Pay back is coming…

By the time we finished, D’s kayak was tied to the back of mine with some rope, too tired to paddle, and J was dragging her feet in the water, playing. I towed all of us downstream, hoping at every turn I’d see the take out point.

We really had fun though, it was a great end to summer. But summer is not really over.

Coming home from Conyers, Ga. last Wednesday, the thermometer in my truck read 108 degrees, and that was after I’d been driving for 30 minutes. I dismissed it, knowing it couldn’t be right. It must be broken. As I neared home, I looked at it again, and it read 106 degrees. The thing should work, the truck’s only 2 years old!

Before bed that night, I turned on the news, and saw that it actually was 108 in Atlanta that day, and 106 in greater Montgomery as well. Man, that’s cooking… The thermometer is working just fine.

And it has stayed that way. This past Thursday, Friday, and Saturday it was 106 each day. Sunday it got down to 105, and today it finally cooled down to 104. Needless to say, the critters are suffering tremendously. Looks like it may be above 100 until Thursday. And no rain in sight. All I know is that this is tough weather for a Yankee-boy.

I think I’d love to be back home this winter and see some -20 temps, have an an Alberta Clipper come scooting through, dumping snow everywhere.

Alas, I am in Dixie, where people freak out, raid the grocery stores for “loaf-bread & milk” when a quarter of an inch hits the ground, and crazily careen into power poles and other cars just at the sight of snow. It’s actually comical!

So here’s to the end of summer, with fervent wishes for a white, and very cold, Christmas.


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