Glassner Memorial Fall Challenge

Ah, time for the Glassner Fall Challenge. OK, I have not trained near enough, so I may end up riding with those “less fit” riders near the back of the pack, or if I’m lucky with the 10 year olds on their first “century”.

Most likely, Brad and I will be chugging along at our regular pace, pulling each other along, and maybe even holding onto the back of a sag wagon chugging Gatorade if things get desperate. I did 40 plus miles last night and felt fresh as a daisy (well, not that fresh) when I finished, and could have gone further had I not had a flat and got caught by sunset. If I felt like that at 40 miles I know I can make 70, and if 70 I may as well stretch it out and go for the whole enchilada. So I think, anyway. The Optimist!

But we won’t quit, that I am sure of. Brad’s an animal, a task master. At 33, he knows no pain, no limits, and I have to chase him as hard as I can, which usually takes everything I have in me. What a Punk! But he makes me better. As Sid in Ice Age says “He completes me”. In a cycling sense…

The last time I did this was 20+ years ago, it must be a midlife crisis thing! Not really though, I’ve always been competitive, not so much against others as myself. Trying to best a time, to improve, to change, to grow.

Since I started back riding, which is a minor miracle in and of itself due to inner ear troubles, major illness, etc., I’ve lost just about 40 pounds. I also broke a collar bone and three ribs, which was not a planned part of the program. I was borderline diabetic, my blood pressure was getting crazy, my triglycerides were bad enough that my doc told me I was a candidate for severe heart disease and if we didn’t do something soon I wouldn’t see my children graduate. Nothing like a dose of reality to kick you in the rear and get you out of neutral.

Now I’m closing in on my college weight, my blood pressure is outstanding, blood sugar is excellent, triglycerides are near normal, and my inner ear problems have all but disappeared. And I can out run multiple dogs on a 40 mile ride, and enjoy it! God is GOOD!

So Saturday will be a celebration of health, of fitness, and of the temple God gave me. I pray that this temple will be filled with Him, for His glory.

I’m not shooting for any kind of record, my goal is just to finish the race, well. (winka)

And to have some fun!

I’ll bring back some pictures!


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