Bike Racig wit a code id your ndoze

Such is my luck, two days before the Fall Challenge, and I needed a drum of industrial strength Drano.

I’ve used my secret remedy, and I am about 85% now, several more treatments before bedtime and that cold will be history…gone. It’s a trade secret, not for sale, unless I become destitute, then I’ll cop a fake Australian accent and sell it on television.

I think I’ll be fine, though. I put on some new tires tonight, switched back to the original rims (they are lucky), lubed up the chain and freewheel, and laid out all of my clothes. I haven’t been this ready for anything since the first day of school in 7th grade!

So, leaving here at 4:30 am, driving to Pintlala, and hooking up with Brad and Jeff for a pancake breakfast.

Then, at 6:30 am, we’ll roll out. Hopefully nothing too bad will happen, no falls, broken bones, etc. Just 100 miles of pure endurance, sweat, cramps, nausea, sore butt and legs, and a just a little smack talk to keep it interesting. Hey, it sounds like PMS on wheels!

I’m bringing home trophy pics, lots of good stuff to shoot there. IT’S GONNA BE A BLAST!


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Aha! Look what I've created. I... have... made... FIRE!!!
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