Two Cyclists Killed in Baldwin Co., AL on 9/03/07

This happened two days after we rode to commemorate Jim Glassner. One of these two men, Archie, was the riding buddy of a friend I work with. And the kid that killed them, killed another cyclist about a year ago. I think he was drunk both times.

It’s so easy to forget that not everyone on the road has their wits about them, or is even sober.

Saturday we rode to remember Jim Glassner, who died tragically in a similar accident back in 2001. Maybe we’ll ride next year to remember these as well.

Please, watch out for cyclists, and be kind, they don’t intend any harm. And they do have a right to use the road.

This is really sobering, and certainly puts a damper on the fun weekend we just had. Let’s see, I can die of clogged arteries, or a truck bumper. For now, I choose to ride.


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