I am an INFP

I just thought I was “different”, and by that I don’t mean special. More like weird.

Now I know why I hate repetitive tasks, am a big picture guy, and secretly struggle in the business world. I probably am not meant to be there. I worked as an analyst for many years, and was always the guy with creative solutions to many of our problems, but I had a hard time staying in my seat when it came time to do routine daily reporting. Yeah, paperwork is hard for me, I always thought it was ADHD. And I can’t stay in the office, which is why Forestry is good for me. And this also explains why I have a hard time being critical, and as my Dad always said, “he marches to beat beat of another drummer”. I was meant to be a dietitian, a massage therapist, or a missionary! I like the idea of missionary better, but have some different ideas on that, as should be expected. If Jesus made a way, I’d jump at the chance, though. You never know, I’ve been struggling with the call to some kind of para-church ministry for several years now. God just hasn’t brought it all together yet. Hmmm, Social Scientist, well, I do have a degree in Anthropology that has been gathering dust…

This is a rather rosy summary of an INFP, some say that we are attracted to the “dark side”. (heavy breathing here) “Luke, come with me, and as Father and Son we’ll rule the Galaxies”. Oops, you can tell that I watched ALOT of Star Wars with the kids.

“The INFP’s dominant feeling preference is introverted. This means that they will be governed more by their inner ‘law’ than by external ones. (Bingo, oh how true) They will also be quick to assess the impact of their decisions on others.

The INFP excels in fields to do with human potential. The extroverted intuitive preference means that they search for meaning and purpose through relationships and ideas and possibilities for people.

INFPs seldom express the intensity of their feelings and often appear reticent or calm. However, once they know you they are warm, loyal and open. They are open-minded, curious and insightful, with excellent foresight.

On a daily basis, INFPs work well by themselves and will be flexible, tolerant and adaptable. However, they do set real limits that are rooted in their strong sense of values and their very high personal standards.

In partnership, the INFP will seek to create unity through sensitive listening and quiet enthusiasm. S/he will focus on common goals and agreements and is ready to explore a wide range of options for the resolution of disagreements.

On the down side, INFPs can let their perfectionism reach the point where they never get started on their projects, but spend all their time in preparation. This is very self-defeating because they need to find a way to express themselves in the external world. Clearly that is one area where INFPs might look to develop their strengths. Others would be to learn not to become emotionally entangled with their work and friends. This heightens the risks of trying new things and also leaves them vulnerable to an overdeveloped sense of inadequacy and being criticized.

They also need to learn how to criticize others. INFPs can also seem out of touch, perhaps not fully recognizing current realities and actually disregarding those they find unacceptable.
Under stress, INFPs become critical of everything around them. They adopt excessive behaviors and can become irritatingly picky around unimportant details.

On the whole, the INFP is flexible and adopts new insights and possibilities as they arise. S/he is very interested in ideas and may sometimes make very creative contributions. S/he has a hidden warmth for people and a desire to see self and others grow and develop – all part of wanting to do work that has a meaningful purpose.

Jobs for INFPs include:
Artist, writer, entertainer, musician, editor, college professor (humanities), researcher, psychologist, counselor, child welfare counselor, legal mediator, minister, missionary, dietitian, massage therapist, team building consultant, personnel development specialist, social scientist.”

“They adopt excessive behaviors”- does riding a bike 100 miles qualify? And I’ve never had a real problem with criticism. Seem out of touch? Yeah, mainly when I think it is something that is really not a big picture item, to me it may seem insignificant, so I probably won’t dwell on it. I know that can be irritating, but I don’t do it on purpose! Honest!


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