Cutting the Tie that Binds

Well, I accepted the position with the new buyer of our division, I’m leaving the big company I’ve been employed by for 14 years now.

I’ll basically be doing the same thing, for a smaller group. This was a hard decision, because my old company had been very good to me, allowing me great flexibility in my schedule as I battled illness for nearly 5 years. But things had changed. The culture had changed, a lot. I knew it was nearing time to leave several years ago, but God had not brought the right opportunity to light. There were several false opportunities, tests perhaps, but in each case as I prayed about them something happened to reveal that it was not the correct place for me to be. It really tested my faith, stretched my patience far past what I thought was needed. But things are actually looking very good now. Instead of being a one man shop, I’ll actually get to hire a person to perform most of the field work, leaving me to focus on clients, new business, getting my real estate license, etc. It’ll be different, but in a very good way. The Fortune 500 thing was not for me any way, even though I stuck it out for along time. Too many rules, restrictions, unnecessary meetings, conference calls, etc. The amount of mandatory non-productive “work” that took place was amazing. So much window dressing.

Now, we’re flat. If I look over my shoulder, I only see my shadow.

God is awesome!


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