Sacred Marriage 4- Mature Content

Actually it should say “content that tells us how to lovingly relate in a mature relationship with your mate”. ~sarcasm on~Yeah, sounds much more exciting. ~sarcasm off~

“Mature” at first blush sounds….stale, old, stuffy, geriatric. But that’s the enemy putting his warp factor on things. “Mature” is to be complete, ripened, fully developed. Immaturity on the other hand is emotionally undeveloped, juvenile, childish.Well, the other day I was driving along, and Dennis Raney’s radio show was on, and he had on the author of Sacred Marriage. It was actually a very good broadcast. The main point, that I took away at least, was that a mutually satisfying relationship, in all of it’s aspects, is really the product of so many small, simple and sacrificially profound acts between lovers. Dying to one’s self, mutual service, allowing God to love our spouse through us, through all of us. He went on to talk about the Jewish perspective on sex, and how that contrasts so drastically with the Victorian attitudes that have done so much damage to what God intended to be beautiful, symbolic, and affirming within the covenant of marriage. No where else is the Fall so evident.

I knew God wanted me to hear this, since I had not picked the book up in a few weeks. So, I’ll finish the book, and continue to seek God on several fronts. It’s a time for faith, because life is very confusing right now. Thankfully, I have several good friends walking with me through this. And like the example about seeking a new job that I gave in an earlier post, patience and endurance along with faith in Jesus will reveal God’s will and lead me along the right path.

I know I can take that to the bank.


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