More Pics from The Glassner 100

My favorite is Satan, with the bullhorn. He saw me coming along way off, and started bellowing with his horn, “C’mon, boy, pedal harder, I’m tired of waitin‘ on ya, oooh, have I got something for YOU!”, as he waved his little pitchfork around. Even after another 20 miles, I was still laughing at him, it was so funny! I am the guy in the red jersey. The one without the horns.
And my friend Jeff in the Team Kit, he’s the real cyclist, he shaves his legs. I am not a real cyclist, I don’t shave my legs. I am like Sampson, a razor has never touched the hair of my leg. That’s where my strength comes from. I will not shave my legs. Period.

About chuck

Aha! Look what I've created. I... have... made... FIRE!!!
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