As I sit here in the hotel room tonight, I am thinking about what things I need to seek out, what things were a part of me that I need to fan into flame. This could be a long list, but it can be summed up in one word, Beauty.

To appreciate beauty, create beauty, experience it. And this is a mystic endeavor. Time cannot be a high priority when seeking Beauty. You never know when or where you might encounter it.

Things that I have found exquisitely beautiful lately;

My friend Jancat playing his classical guitar, accompanied by flute during worship. I can close my eyes, and I am transported. It is ethereal, like incense rising. David’s harp soothed Saul, and Jancats guitar soothes me.

The curve in my daughters nose, and the dimple in her chin. When I say prayers with her at night, I like to run my finger down her nose. It has a graceful symmetry, a wonderful design, and God made it because it pleased him.

The scent of butterfly bush on the night breeze, it is intoxicating. I’d like to hang a hammock in between the two big ones in out backyard, and sleep the night there. With mosquito netting, of course.

Hummingbird fledglings playing tag in the backyard, like miniature fighter jets in mock battle. They zoom, beep, hover, and sometimes fly and hang motionless in front of me. They are beautiful.

Poetry. It is so much more than the sum of the words, it conveys thought and emotion, things more felt than understood. Timeless movements of the spirit. It is like a thick velvet curtain, as you read the lines you pull on the curtain, and the folds slowly open to reveal their hidden secrets.

The deep call of scripture, the words of life that pierce to the heart, dividing light from dark. Scripture is more than just a handbook, it’s a love story, and a story of a Beautiful One who has been reaching out toward us for eons. I really can’t get enough of scripture, life usually intrudes before I have my fill.

A single mom in church, teaching her young daughter to experience and worship the Living God. I saw this several months ago, and it was stunning. It was simply the most beautiful thing I had seen. Here was this woman, pressed beyond herself, yet joyfully worshipping along side her daughter. Her daughter, her sister.

Yes, there is beauty all around!


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One Response to Beauty

  1. Kelly says:

    He whispers in beauty, you know. Sometimes He shouts!Keep close to Him, soak up that beauty. He will sustain you through all that is coming next.I am so sorry for the hard time you are going through.

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