Way of the Wild Heart

I’m still reading “Way of the Wild Heart“, and I have made it through resurrecting the Warrior in a man. Lot’s of truth there, and some of it hurts. Bad.

But in a good way. And it goes from there directly into becoming the Lover. An example is David, a man after God’s own heart, a warrior, a poet and a singer of songs. And the reason he won that honor? He loved God supremely, totally, trusted him in battle, and when he fell he returned humble, repentant, and renewed. And he was not ashamed of his God. He danced in the street in front of the Ark of the Covenant. That’s a Warrior turned Lover. What is the connection between being a warrior and a lover? A warrior is to protect, provide, and offer strength. But that is not enough. It’s when he discovers Romance, capital R, the Love of God, that he becomes the Lover. He is struck by the Lover of our Souls, is in vital relationship with the Son.

The Lover is a tender warrior. He has not abandoned the character of the warrior, but it has been tempered, matured by Romance. And somehow this being a true Lover is inextricably bound up in our earthly relationships. It also, naturally, has a lot to do with the relationship between a man and a woman. About how a man relates to a woman. It is all about direction, does the man offer and bring life, or is he a consumer?

More than anything, I need to become a Lover of God. A dancing-in-the-streets type Lover of God. And does it stop there? No, it bleeds over into every aspect of our life. The point JE makes, and it is well taken, is how can a man truly love a woman, really love her, unless he loves God first and foremost? If he doesn’t know the ultimate Love of God, what does he have to offer except need and uncertainty? He comes to the woman not realizing that what he seeks is really not her, but God himself. If he is a Lover, trained by God, he brings life and strength. But as we know, he is but half of the equation…

Why am I talking like this? Because I am understanding what has transpired in my own life, I see my story mirrored in these pages. And being the typical man, I started all of this because I wanted to “fix it”. Oh, OK, Rocky Balboa. It’s not a carburetor, or a plumbing problem, or a side of beef. It’s a problem of the heart. And I’ve known the solution all along. I must continue on to become the Lover. To rediscover this part of myself that has been covered up. The only solution is to dance wildly before the King, shout joyful praises to Him, and to wait expectantly for His answer, for Him to move. To know that the love of God is the supreme reason for being.

I looked up into the sky last night, there were billions of stars out, the Milky Way visible with the naked eye. And I told God that although I loved Him, I wanted to become a Lover of God. I think I heard him whisper that true love is this, that He loved us. So the question has become just how much does He love me? I know the text book answer, but often times it feels fairly shallow. Part of me wants to hold him off, keep him at bay. He’s not safe. But He is good. I might get burned. But then, it is the fire I seek. Loving God is risky, if you are really caught up in it. But as Peter said, who else has the words of life?

Enough gymnastics, this weekend I ride my mountain bike with the boys, and it will be great. Pray for no broken bones, or flat tires. I broke a collar bone and three ribs several years ago mountain biking, and it was a lesson I’ll never forget. It took me a while to get back to speed, to get back the courage to ride hard again.

Mountain biking is not safe, but it is good. ;>)~



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