Friday Nights in P-ville

This is what we do here every Friday in the Fall. We all gather around the home town stadium, and cheer ourselves horse. And eat a dog, and drink a few diet cokes. And most here are polytheists, they are both Baptist, and worshipers of the Football cult. I think God understands, on both counts.

You see, we have a winning tradition here,  and we’ve got something to prove. Football IS life here.  Not unlike many small towns. We’re not on MTV, like someone else we know, but we are ranked in the top 25 in the nation. Not bad for a small backwoods town.

Last night we traveled to Auburn, big time football town because of the Auburn Tigers, nationally renowned college team. We beat the home team, but they were tough, it could have gone either way.

You know, I am not a huge football fan, but I watch and participate because my son is a FAN, and a player, and it’s something I can share with him. I can live without football, I’d rather be reading, or in the woods, or cycling. Books are nearly an appendage for me.

But on Friday nights, we head to the Jungle… can’t you hear the roar?


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