Coosa River Rats

We ran the river, and had a blast! I was able to take a solo kayak, and shot Moccasin Gap 3 times. The hardest part was paddling back against the current to get back so I could do it again. The current was very strong, large release of water from the dam today.

Several water fights broke out, boats tipped over, wet adults, happy boys. Lots of fun!

I lolly-gagged behind at first, looking at all of the riparian species that I don’t often get to see. Lot’s of neat ones; Bald Cypress, Tupelo, some beautiful Viburnums, Bottlebrush,and I found a clump of Honeysuckle… so I liberated some blossoms for the trip downriver, of course!

Here’s a pic of the crew… not sure they turned out so well, we were wiped out by the time we got home an hour ago. Heading for the shower now. I need it!


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2 Responses to Coosa River Rats

  1. Kelly says:

    Are those the Black Tupelo trees with the dark, twisty branches? Love those.Glad you all had so much fun!

  2. Jim says:

    Yes, they are. Their Latin name is Nyssa sylvatica, a fantastic honey tree down here. Tupelo honey is highly prized, bee keepers will move their hives into the swamps when the Tupelos are blooming just to get that special treat!It was fun!

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