Balancing Masculinity and Devotion

So, we are created to be passionate about life in Christ, about the Lover of our Souls, and still retain a vital, essential masculinity.

Balancing act, no? Yes.

What might that look like? Perhaps John the Baptist, clad in camel’s hair, crunching down on a honey-roasted locust. Pointing his bony finger into the faces of Herod, and Herodias.

Or the pious St. Paul, telling the Judaizer’s that he wished they go all of the way, and just cut the whole package off. Yes, emasculate themselves.

Or Stephen, full of the Holy Spirit, shaming the Jews for their stubborn disobedience, and becoming the honored guest at a rock party.

Or the Prophets, Elijah or Elisha. Talk about manly sounding saints. These were not meek, mild, fainting ascetics. These were warriors, in the truest sense.

David? Moses? Peter? All of these names ring with the sound of a natural, God-given masculinity. All were controversial, their presence felt in the congregation for what they said, and did. And their actions were recorded for our edification, our emulation. Our Holy Action Figures.


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One Response to Balancing Masculinity and Devotion

  1. KJP says:

    Bet they would have all loved Roy Rogers too! :^)Don’t you just love Paul? He could really lay it for people to follow along with real easy like. Of course, our translator think better than to actually say, what he did say! Too bad, everyone could understand that much better.

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