Prophet as Antagonist

Being home, sick, and alone, has its benefits.

You have time to think, as best you can, and jot those thoughts down. But you are also not getting much work done either. So maybe it’s a wash.

I was rambling around, reading some of my favorite blogs and sites, and saw a comment that aroused something in me. That how, categorically, the Prophets were always speaking out, rocking the boat, calling the people and the Priests to repentance.

The Prophets were there in opposition to the organized religious expression, calling the protectors and adherents of the Law to repentance.

The Prophets were there to ensure that the Law did not become a god unto itself, they were there to continually speak the living word of the Spirit to the people, who could not hear it well for the Priests & the Law. To point to freedom, to Christ.

God in His Wisdom supplied the Prophets to do what the Law could not, almost as forerunners of Christ to come. In fact, most of them also died at the hands of Gods people, prophetic, eh?

So this train of thought has me wondering about Christian Fundamentalism in particular.

If we have churches that use the scripture as a higher, more developed form of Law, and we do, I am certain that God has provided her Prophets which are speaking to her at this very moment.

The question, and the answer, then take on a familiar look. One of which side of the watershed you are running down?

Cessasionist, or Continualist?

Now that has just opened up a whole can of worms… which I am too tired to even watch wriggle around.

I’ve got to go blow my nose, and eat some Chicken Soup… perhaps someone out there can give me a hand.

Just use your Purell.

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Aha! Look what I've created. I... have... made... FIRE!!!
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