Did You Know…

That cooking Brats in beer, in a non-stick pan, will cause the contents to stick???

I did not know that. I know that now. I don’t think it’s good for the pan, or the consumers of beer or brats either.

In fact, looking at the reduction of beer and Brat juices in the pan makes me wonder exactly what IS in beer? It was a dark brown, tar-like substance, that when slathered over the Brats had the most wondrous smoky flavor. Reminiscent of Hops… who’d a guessed.

It’s been raining these torrential, epic-type floods around here, causing me to begin to wonder what Gopher wood actually looks like, and if we have any close at hand. Of course I needed to start building 100 years ago… Or I could just sell it.

Our team did not win the State Football Championship this year, robbed we were, I tell ya. I was hoarse for 2 days afterwards. And my son was slightly embarrassed that his usually composed, and understated father was, well, embarrassing. We all have to show our, backside, once in a while, eh?

And it’s a Monday. The computers have been down all morning, except for mine, the IT guys are stumped, and I’m taking a break by blogging at lunch.


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Aha! Look what I've created. I... have... made... FIRE!!!
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