The Subversion of God’s Design


Click on the title, and there’s an interesting article from a highly regarded author I’ve spoken about here before, Leon Podles.

I read some passages from his book, “The Church Impotent” again last night, and was waylaid by what I read. He seems to have a very clear picture of the over arching design of God, insight into that place where being male and masculinity meet. They are not synonymous. And it makes me wonder about the interplay between the way our society views men, masculine men, and the values we’ve subtly, or not, allowed to creep into our ethos.

Perhaps divorce among Christians is not so much about us behaving like the world, as it is in believing things that the world believes, and then being victimized by them.  Perhaps divorce is not nearly as much of a personal sin, as it is a societal ill. A symptom of a sick society, one which believes things contrary, in opposition, to what God believes. And Christians, living in this society, in as much as they are a part of it, will be subjected to the same ills. Throw in the battle against the flesh, and viola!  Most sincere “Hypocrites” are really just people living their lives in the belly of the fish, and are sometimes just vomited up along with the rest.  

“Stuff happens.”

Perhaps we as Christians should be adamantly rejecting the world view that says fertility is a bad thing.  Something to be controlled, stifled, suppressed.  That it is a curse, and keeps us from fulfilling our design.

That living in the light of God’s first directive, be fruitful and multiply, is somehow archaic, unsophisticated.

Fruitfulness is the blessing of God.

If we do that, we might just win the battle simply by leaving a godly inheritance.


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