The Vine Dresser

Our little community has undergone a season of pruning.  We’ve seen a lot of folks come and go. When I look around now at one of our gatherings, I see nothing but familiar faces. We all know each others story, well.

It makes me think of a recent backpacking trip my son went on.  He used my pack, and loaded all “the essentials.” The problem was that when he finished packing, my poor old pack tipped the scales at around 60 lbs. Now for someone his size, that did not pose a problem. He carried it all weekend without a problem. I was worried about the pack itself, however.

The whole point, though, is to pack the essentials, take only what you need, but have everything that you really need. It’s about frugality for mobility’s sake.

I get the sense that this is what has happened here.  We have all the tools we really need, without duplication.  They are not the biggest or strongest, but they are the exact tool for the job.  We are preparing to travel light, and fast.

The real question is where?  That has not been answered yet. And we are still asking.


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