No Where To Run, No Where To Hide

I was in a training session last week, upgrading my talents and credentials. Professionally speaking.

We heard very interesting speakers, from industry, compliance organizations, and from our US Congressman, even. And the tenor of the session was that for us to maintain our competitive edge, to be “America the best”, we had to do more with less, work faster, harder, etc. Some changes in Federal policies toward the trucking end of our business will bring increased accountability and safety to our highways. I am all for safer highways, less accidents, etc.  I’ve seen, and heard of, too many fatalities in the trucking industry, it’s especially dangerous for the men we rely on to haul our timber to market.

So, CSA 2010, it’s coming. It’s here.

No one ever said it, but the sensation was in the air. The noose is tightening, Big Brother is watching, and anything you do, at work or on the web, is being documented in a database somewhere.  Ever check which applications have access to your Facebook account? Have you heard of Facebook Docs? Whatever you post, or blog, is forever burned into the Great Server in “the Cloud”.

Just search for yourself on PIPL, or someone you are interested in knowing more about, and be amazed.

Back to CSA2010. The US DOT, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, is not using this for malicious intent. But the point was made that with Municipal income having fallen so low due to economic conditions, this new DOT record visibility will become a ready source of income via increased citations.  Basically, your City/County Law Enforcement will become a virtual arm of the DOT, will now have access to more records than they could ever know what to do with, instantly, and have the potential to become a citation issuing, income-generating machine for the Municipality.  I’ve seen it in my area, traffic citations being issued at a horrid pace.  The local counties need cash, everything here is supported by sales tax, so the men in Blue have been “encouraged” to increase their production.  By the way, no citizen is safe from the Blue Shark that lurks in the night, which will follow you for miles on a dark county road, waiting for your speed to break the “take” threshold on that long downhill run that ends at your driveway. Now Truckers will be more in the crosshairs than ever before.

Sounds kinda personal, eh?  LOL! It is… grrrr.

FYI. Did you know that a full size F-150 will gain 10+ mph, foot off of the accelerator, just coasting on the average hill around here?

Just be careful out there, ole Blue is lurking in the shadows… he’s hungry, and his employer is low on cash.

And ALL of your history, personal and professional, is already highly visible to those who need to know (?)

Have a nice day!


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