15 Bean Cajun Soup

Now, admittedly, I’m not an experienced Chef.  But I do enjoy cooking, and can cook some things extremely well. Others may need some, er, practice. I’m real good at Oatmeal, Bacon-N-Eggs, frozen Waffles too. (smile)

But Low Country Boil, fish of any kind, Venison, and any of the traditional man-on-the-grill foods are all well within my grasp. But those are not the things that you can eat every day, day in and day out. I guess you could, but I’ve never tried to grill out for a whole week unless I’ve been camping.

So I am expanding my repertoire a bit. Today I’m making 15 Bean Cajun Soup, which looks like no soup I’ve ever seen, to be honest. It has a big bag of beans, with at LEAST 15 varieties, all colors and sizes, no kidding!  And I’ve cut and browned about a pound of  Conecuh Sausage (hot), half a large onion, and added a small can of Rotel tomatoes. I like the diced tomatoes, with green chili’s. Now, I’ve got everything prepared, browned, simmering in the crock pot, and me waiting for it. My guess is that this is going to be darned good, but it may require a cold beer to temper the heat. Steele Reserve is a good, spicy food antidote.

At house church today, I was describing what I was making, and several eye brows raised, and the question was asked “You do know how to prepare dried beans, right?” I smiled…. yes. “I’ll be safe at home group on Wednesday, don’t worry!”

I still have not been able to get the cleaning routine down very well, at least not on a scheduled basis. So I’m looking at what needs to be done, and trying to make a weekly schedule so that I don’t have to think much, and that not too much piles up if I decide to run out and do something fun on the spur of the moment. Fat chance, lately. Although I did take my son deer hunting on Friday, checked him out of school several hours early, and drove south to a secret place. He bagged a small Buck at dusk, and now I have a lot of venison to process in the next several days. That’s good though, we needed the groceries.

It’s just like Bocephus sang…

“We’re from North California and south Alabam
And little towns all around this land
And we can skin a buck; we can run a trot-line
And a country boy can survive
Country folks can survive..”

Deer season is almost over, but we”ll be staring down the barrel at a few wild hogs in another couple of weeks, so I may add some fresh wild pork to the freezer as well.

I’m not usually quite this “elemental”, in fact I’m generally much more sub-urban.  But cash is very tight, “things” are still not settled and there WILL be unforeseen expenses there, and I’ll have to feed myself and several kids every other week before too long as well.  And one that eats like an O-Lineman, because he is. He’s already at SEC proportions, and still relatively a baby at 15. So I’m getting back to my roots in a hurry.

If I only had room for a garden, I’d be gettin’ real natural, real quick.

Who knows, my lease is up in May, and I may then be moving to more permanent digs if custody issues are settled, which it appears that they will be soon.

But today I’m the proud owner of a stainless steel cook set, which includes a dutch oven, frying pan, two different sized pots, and all the necessary slotted spoons, forks, etc.

So I’m ready to take my place in culinary history…. with Beans. From small beginnings, eh?

update– this stuff is seriously good, seriously hot. One Steele Reserve will help, but I think a cold shower is in order, this is making my head sweat!  Next time, hot sausage, half of the Cajun spices, and perhaps regular diced Tomatoes instead of the Rotel with chilis… that said, I’m going for a second bowl… good thing I live alone!


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