The Ring

What will this band of silver mean,
when it’s broken and no longer fits?
Where shall it keep, and when dare I gaze upon it,
recalling the years of bitter and sweet?

“What God has put together, let no man put asunder.”
Those words sound hard, and unbending,
until you know the ripping of flesh and spirit,
then they are His great loving kindness.

How could we have prevented this end?
Looking back, I see it was set in motion from the very start.
The first stolen kiss, golden days of Fall with you,
when I should have been about serving Him.

You were my only love, the only one I’d known,
now we will be strangers. On some days our children looking like you,
on others like me, unable to hold at once those to whom they belong.
It’s a hard thing, to admit failure and defeat in matters of the heart.

I can still smell your skin, and hear your laughter, not so long ago.
Those memories will not easily leave, though they will fade,
one day to be replaced. Now they are joy and tears all at once.
How hard to take, knowing we could not care for one another better than this.

Forgive my reluctance back then to accept
That we were of two distant worlds, which should never have touched,
I could have spared us; yet even that has produced a beauty that He loves,
two children of Creation, who will walk in the cool of the Morning with Him…


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  1. KJP says: prayers continue to be with you….

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