What Leads You Home

I’ve been thinking about this after a friend showed me this clip yesterday. What are the events of your life, catastrophic, sudden, heart breaking, that were used to bring you back home into the safety of the Fathers arms?

Take your choice, the event is most important in that it broke you, exposed your insufficiency, and restored a proper perspective of yourself, the world around you. Of God. It opened your eyes, at the moment you lost all hope, and led you home.

If it’s happened only once in your life, then your journey may have just begun. Or maybe you’re a very fast learner.

I can think of several episodes in my life when it’s become obvious that I didn’t have “the right stuff” as far as the world is concerned. And that I was not the only one who noticed. Looking back, those were really the greatest gifts possible. His hand reaching down, intervening in time and space, and restoring my sight. My vision. Showing me the phosphorescent trail home.

Once again it’s clear. The lights are out, I am not enough, and there is nothing more to do.

But follow the path home.


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2 Responses to What Leads You Home

  1. KJP says:

    yeah, sometimes, too often, God has to use the big bat on me to turn me the direction He is wanting for me! Always humbling, always an awful lot of unanswered questions at those times.hmmmmm, sort of like now. where am i supposed to be? what am i supposed to be doing? where did i mess up along the way………..ten years from now i will probably understand in hind-sight but could i ever use some fore-sight right now!

  2. chuck says:

    Been in the woodshed, and dealing with new directions myself, Kris. Lots of questions, few answers, although I see his finger tracing thru mist…. Don't know what it all means yet. Like you, maybe I will one day.Peace to you KJP.

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