Lonliness or Alone?

Lately, I find myself alone. A lot. That’s not so bad, I can’t say that I lack opportunities to spend time alone with God. But it’s the loneliness that often accompanies the solitude that is problematic.

My solution has been to make sure that I’m doing something, somewhere, with someone as often as possible. I’m riding my road bike again, working out, doing all sorts of things. I’m not running from it, just trying to keep it in perspective. But the place that is eluding focus, perspective, and comfort is the place where another soul was knit to mine.

Yeah, I don’t like this feeling. At all. I’d rather take a severe, “near-death experience” type beating. I’m a social person, a family man, and definitely not meant to be single. But I’m praying for discernment so that I don’t do the rebound thing, the cure for this is not that.

The cure is doing the only thing I really can do. That is seeking the heart of God, and when the urge to merge is strong, staying right there in His presence. There will be some challenges along the way.

But by His Spirit, He gives us every good gift. At just the right time.


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One Response to Lonliness or Alone?

  1. KJP says:

    yeah those wounds which attack our definition as to whom we are, are perhaps the hardest and the longest to heal.time, prayer, study and close MALE friends will be needed to recover and to heal.but also remember to pray for your ex, she is not beyond God's reach…..

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