Faith Is Mystery

The title already gives away some of what I’m going to relate. Here there are no Dark Knights, or dense mist-filled forests, that we see. But as in the Matrix, this life is not all about what we see. In fact it’s more about what we do not see, but know and sense through the mystery of faith.

A mother suddenly is startled in the middle of a dinner with friends, compelled to call about her child visiting elsewhere. She finds that her child has just had a terrible accident, and she is rushed to his side, to watch over him as he clings to life. How did she know to call?

A father is a state away, busy with work, when the Spirit of God shows him that his son is under spiritual attack. He turns and drives 7 hours home to find that the scene he saw in his mind has actually happened in the time it took for him to return. He is able to guide and protect his son in the ensuing years through this. How did He know?

A simple Levite hears a call to walk out into the desert, and after he begins his journey into the wilderness he tops a sand dune and comes face to face with the brother he hasn’t seen for 40 years. Moses describes all God has shown him, and told him, and Aaron becomes the Priest of God who with Moses delivers the Jews from slavery. He is the archetype of Christ in the Old Testament. What compelled him to go into the desert?

A man is sitting in a wind swept place, in the ice and rocks, crying out to God because of his situation, desperate for help. Suddenly a great peace comes over him. Another man is motivated in that moment to get up and leave his Sunday school class, and walk a mile out onto a frozen beach until he reaches the very same spot. He sees this man, and sits with him, having the expertise to guide the praying man into reconciliation and resolution. How did he know?

A Teacher sends his disciple into a village, to find a room already prepared for the Passover. Food and drink are ready for the 12-15 men who arrive. No one sent word ahead, it was just waiting for them. What thoughts ran through the mind of the one preparing this iconic banquet?

These things still happen today. And they cannot be understood by the rational mind. They are only grasped by faith. By believing what we cannot fully see or understand. They are imparted by the Spirit, revealed to little children.

His steadfast love remains forever.


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  1. KJP says:

    the ministry of the Holy Spirit….:^)

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