Riding Off Into The Sunset

I’m trying to train for the Tuscaloosa Hot Hundred , late in July. I doubt I’m going to make it, it’s a 100 mile ride, and I have not ridden near enough to go and do something this… dumb.

I rode 12 miles tonight, and it was a decent ride. My bike is old, worn out, and not road worthy. But I did not ride it, I rode a bike a good friend of mine, Jeff, has let me borrow. It’s really light, carbon fiber frame, with Campy components. I adjusted it to the right dimensions for my height and arm length, put my old pedals on, and took off. The derailleurs need to be adjusted some, and the head set also needs to be tightened up a bit as well.

The ride was so nice, the bike so responsive, that I had to Google it and learn more about it.

I seriously wish I had not done this. See, Jeff is a dedicated cyclist. He rides 6-7000 miles per year. That’s right, thousands. And he’s an incredible athlete, still racing at my age, and beating all of those runny nosed kids. I love him for it, “mature” guys rock!

So I began to read about this bike that he let me borrow. It’s a Bianchi Freccia Celeste, carbon fiber frame, in the very manly Bianchi Celeste blue. A light turquoise, Tiffany blue. But I am not sure I will ride it again, even though it was delightful. Not because of the color. But because the thing costs 8x my monthly rent. Yes, I can’t believe that a bike can cost this much, and that a man would generously lend something like this to his friend so that he can train for a recreational ride. And I really can’t believe that I rode it.

Jeff is a good friend. I’ve known him a long time, he’s a good man that I admire. Very honest, and true. I’m looking at the bike now, leaning against the wall in my living room, and I’m feeling a bit dizzy. I’m going to have to keep the kids away from this thing all weekend. I may hide it at the office to protect it.

But in spite of the uplifting ride, I’m feeling disappointed. I think I hurt a friend this weekend, not intentionally, or out of spite, but with the truth. I struggle with finding the right mix of truth and love, evidently. I’ve always thought of this as more of a “Mary Poppins” moment, you know, just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down. I don’t think it works that way.

Hearts are tender, handle with care. Not sure what to do from here.

Going to bed is a good start.


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One Response to Riding Off Into The Sunset

  1. KJP says:

    yeah, that is one sweet bike! Deidre picked up one a few years back (it weighs like 19 pounds with a pack of her road emergencies stuff!).always good to apologize and straighten out any misunderstanding though…..

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