Being In The Right Place

Sometimes it is absolutely CRITICAL to be in the right place, at the right time. And to listen. Really well.

We met for fellowship today, which was especially good. They even threw a birthday party for me, with very good Spaghetti, and some kind of Chocolate Cake! I love watching all of the kids running around, squealing and pinching each other, especially after the sugar hits. It just makes me smile to see them still so free, unconcerned about appearances, oblivious to rules. Until Mom or Dad intervene. It really is true that the younger they are, the closer they are to Eden. You can really see it in their eyes, their faces, their smiles. No wonder Jesus loved them so much, they are who He intends to make us. Once again.

So… today I read the scriptures that the teaching was to be on. Matthew 10. In fact, I had already written down some thoughts myself several weeks ago on the very same passage, but had decided to not post it yet. I’ve been thinking about it yet, and today confirmed what I heard before, it was what I needed.

But before reading Matthew 10, I took a detour instead, and read Mark 10. Simple mistake really, I turned right when I should have stayed straight. One book too far. And so I began. But by verse 2, you know what this is all about, and where Jesus is going with it. And an impending sense of doom came over me.

I slowly and deliberately made it to about verse 9, taking a few slight pauses to steel my nerves and make sure that I didn’t lose my breath. My children are sitting next to me, and I’m reading the words of Jesus to the Pharisees regarding a man divorcing his wife according to the Law of Moses. At several points in those 15-20 odd seconds I think, “I’ve got to hold myself together here… I don’t know.” I am more or less begging to just get through it, not so much in words as in groaning.

Words are pointed missiles, light sabers, grenades that we casually toss around. And THE WORD… there are no flies on it, it is still shaving-sharp, and we should be careful not to quote it carelessly. I’m sure that this was my simple mistake today, possibly an attack, but I don’t believe that the Lord was drubbing me in public, not at all. It was not wasted time, though.

I did experience the dividing of soul and spirit, a quickening of sorts unlike any other. I was highly aware of the words coming out of my mouth in slow motion, the letters I was seeing on the page, and that familiar burning sensation in my heart. Of those sitting near, and how my actions must affect them. Yes, worship was good, and the lesson in Matthew was very good.

But the lesson in sword handling out of Mark today, that was one that I could not have bought at any price. He who has ears to hear…

I’m smiling about it now, laughing even, and am fine. As John Lynch says in his Truefaced video, “I’m fine, doing well, really… I’m, I’m just fine.” I think the Lord taught me to handle the Word with care today. I won’t forget this lesson.

Someone else is reading next time ;>)

edit- And it was not your fault, if you’re reading this… you know who!


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2 Responses to Being In The Right Place

  1. KJP says:

    there are no coincidences, God had you read what He wanted you to. for you, the kids, others in the group, ????? always a reason because we pretty much only see in retrospect…..

  2. chuck says:

    Thanks, Kris. I know this, and am seeking out God's purpose for this. My children reacted well, they didn't seem to connect what is going on in our family with the words in the passage. I sense that what they have seen up close goes past these verses. I've come to see it more in the context of 1 Cor 7, which is still a tremendously serious and complex situation. I've missed you, and am glad that you are back! I hope you are well…

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