He’s In The Whisper

Do you hear God?

That’s not a rhetorical question.

Hearing God means that you are seeking the Truth, listening to God, and walking into the Light. And that is the recovery of the Gospel. Hearing it rightly, once again. And if we’re honest, this recovery of the Gospel, the rediscovery of The Truth, has happened in every generation since it was first revealed here on earth by Jesus, Son of God, Son of Man.

At the root of every Ecumenical Council, at every point in history where a faith-shift took place, for example when Luther parted with Rome, there was the earnest and hard fought battle to once again hear the pure Word. In every generation, Jesus gives the “Vince Lombardi speech” to those whom He loves, and is drawing to Himself.

Coach Lombardi is said to have always started each new football season with a reorientation to the basics of the game, for rookies and veterans alike;

“Let’s start at the beginning. Gentlemen, this is a football. These are the yard markers. I’m the coach. You are the players.” He’d take them out on the field and describe to them all of the things that they were supposed to do out there.

It seems like an insulting thing to say to a group of highly paid, well conditioned professionals. But it worked for him, and them.

Jesus seems to say “Let him who has ears to hear” an awful lot. I think it was part of his “Lombardi speech”.

“Beloved of my Father… this is a Q-Tip… ahem, apart from Me you can do nothing.”

In every generation, the most important step in hearing and walking with the Spirit of Jesus is first sitting down to dig the potatoes out of our ears. And then realizing that apart from Him, we can do N-O-T-H-I-N-G.

Back to the fundamentals, every generation. Many times per generation, per disciple.

“Let him who has ears to hear.”

I am not sure, but I think that this means more than meets the eye. Jesus is telling us that if we really want to hear Him, we need to first dig the junk out of our ears, turn down the noise of our lives. What do we listen to that is louder in our ears than His voice? That needs to be tuned out? And if that is happening, hasn’t He already been at work, placed a desire for this within us, especially if we can do nothing? I think so.

Somewhere in the Psalms David says, “My ears you have dug.”

See, even David knew that when he heard God clearly, the Father had already been patiently sitting with a trowel, digging taters.

The Father has dug our ears, cleaned them out, so that we can hear His whisper.

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