Your Wife Is Hot

I was traveling on Saturday with some friends, when we spied this billboard! Ha!

This kind of humor is really only appreciated once you’ve reached that wonderful time of mid-life, when things are just not the same any more.

I sent it to two other buddies on Saturday.

One of them cautiously asked me this morning if I thought the guy who advertised his business like this “got into trouble.” My response was yeah, he probably did. But the fact that he’d do it told me a lot right off the bat…

Friend number two has not surfaced yet. He’s a very smart man, long-range thinker. He has, by now, fully analyzed the thing from all angles, and has probably deleted the email and photograph.

Smart guy. Friend-1 and I will bring it up for general discussion the next time we’re at 2’s house for a cook-out. Betcha we get a brat and a beer within 5 seconds, and are ushered out pool-side.

He’ll take swell care of us. What are friends for?

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Aha! Look what I've created. I... have... made... FIRE!!!
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