Case Closed

Well, things have been finalized. Once the documents are signed by the Judge, it’s all over. No waiting period, because according to the Court we were overdue our day. Basically, we’ve waited long enough. We’ll no longer be married.

I don’t know how things will look, practically speaking, on the financial side. But they will look better than they have lately. Which is not very hard to do ;>) I picked up a small web-design job that will pay for what I spent in this, so after a month or so I should be back in the black.

It was a very calm, relaxed day. Which is hard to imagine. There were only a few times when I felt frustrated, or bothered by the way things were going.

I won’t have my kids nearly as much as I’d like, and that is the main thorn in my backside. That is a hard pill to swallow, although how it works itself out in real life may not look so different from what I had originally hoped for once we get into the groove.

Only time will tell.

I’ve got to go back and look through what we’ve forged today, start looking at the calendar, and begin planning the holidays!


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One Response to Case Closed

  1. KJP says:

    you got my prayers….:^(

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