A Bit Foggy

I’ve got my head in the clouds right now, just finding it difficult to think clearly, or for very long. I don’t need that kind of help! Just feel foggy, out of it.

It’s not hard to imagine, the main reason seems to be just grieving over the lack of communication with the kids.  What we ended up with is standard visitation for Dad’s, which is a far cry from what I wanted. Or what the kids deserve. I haven’t been able to speak with them but briefly so far this past week. They are going to be here Tuesday evening, so we’ll have a chance to talk and spend a little time together then. I am looking forward to that.

I don’t understand how our legal system can think it’s good, fair, for a child to be restricted in his/her relationship with their Dad. I understand that there may be times and situations that warrant this, but it just can’t be good in general.

And I think I left for work the other morning with my front door unlocked. Came in last night and found my guitar case unlatched, a string broken, another very loose, and a pick laying on the floor. And the cat was acting weirder than normal. He’s usually nearly comatose, very lethargic. Last night he was twitchy, looking around, jumping up and scooting around excitedly. That’s not his normal demeanor. At first I was shocked, and afraid the guitar was seriously damaged. This morning I re-tuned the good strings, and checked it out well. No apparent damage other than some strings, Nothing else seems to be missing, although I found something odd the other week that now makes me think either someone else has been in the apartment several times without my knowledge, or Little Trolls are living in my closet.  I don’t think there are Trolls…

I’m hoping we can get the lock changed this week, then I’ll rest easier. And if there are problems again, I’ll know where they are coming from.  And I’ll be looking at a covert surveillance cam to run on an old pc. I’m planning to put it in the hall, looking at the door. Smile, you’re on candid camera!

Right now I don’t need any further distractions, like unwanted guests in my closet, or the back of my mind.


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One Response to A Bit Foggy

  1. KJP says:

    teddy bear camera?if they are not taking anything that is mighty odd!

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