Fledgling Alert- New Driver, Beware!

My 16 year old son obtained his Drivers License back in March, and has been seeking every opportunity to drive that he can.  That’s been good, to have Mom or Dad sitting at his side, coaching, as he navigates traffic.

Suddenly, within the next several days, he’ll be driving my old work truck, loose and unobserved. I’m excited about the level of maturity that this is going to demand of him, and knowing him he will rise to meet the occasion. He wants this as badly as I want it for him.

It may not be as big a thing for girls, perhaps it is. But for a young man, getting his first vehicle and being able to come and go on his trusty steed wherever and whenever he likes is a huge step into the world of Men. It’s a thresh hold, that once crossed, forever changes things. It’s fertilizer added to the socialization of a child. You are helping them realize their own God-given desire for freedom, and growth. Admittedly, some of them handle this poorly. So that’s part of the program, monitoring, seeing their responsibility and self respect grow, and then letting go a bit more. It’s a lot like flying a kite, except at some point it flies itself.

Honestly, you can’t keep them children forever. Part of me would like to, but at a hair under 6’5″,  he looks the part of a man more than I do now! And his heart has already been navigating those choppy waters for a while now.

Safe travels, D! I love you, and the man you are becoming!

At least he still lets me hug him, although I feel like a 5 year old hugging my own father.

A dear woman from my tiny congregation worked for a Brand Name chicken producer, and had to take some food science courses as part of her previous job. They told the employees that the steroids and growth hormones used by commercial producers of chicken, beef and milk have been proven to be responsible for the increasing size of American children.

All I know is that my boy has grown up on chicken fingers, and a gallon of milk a day.

I hope college coaches are watching, and approve.


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One Response to Fledgling Alert- New Driver, Beware!

  1. KJP says:

    by comparison, i am the evil father. i told my children – minimum C average in school, must have a job, minimum $1,000 in bank for auto insurance, and then they can get a driver's license!only one of them did it by the numbers! but at least that one is responsible…..

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