Light Travel

Traveled to Georgia and back for work, and actually got a little bit done. Made it in less than 2 hours ago, and am sitting here thinking about Thanksgiving. I’m supposed to have the kids, which will be great. We’ve been invited to my friends place, which will be nice. Nice to be gathered together with others.

I am now convinced that email, and cell phones, are straight from the pit of hell. OK, maybe just from purgatory 🙂  They’re convenient, and extremely helpful, except that they’ve made us too accessible. I think. Is that possible?  I do believe so. I am now just the click of a button away from 50 people who think that they need talk to me right now. Excuse me, I need to take this call…

It makes scheduling much more important, and even more difficult. I can be visiting a client property in another state, and be swiftly redirected back to my office.  Which on the road looks very much like Starbucks, or in the outback where I generally travel, McDonalds. If you can find wifi and caffeine in one place, that IS the definition of “office” for most of us. I can email documents to our Admin just as easily from MickyD’s in Pine Mountain, Ga. as I can from my desk 40 feet away. Have laptop, cell phone, and espresso, will work.

I don’t know if I’ve become grumpy, disillusioned, or maybe just need a break. But something significant has shifted. We’ve all become accustomed to just-in-time inventory. But what about this “just-in-time” scheduling? Isn’t that an oxymoron? I think it is, hence my frustration. Work plans are almost meaningless now, because they are so dynamic that they no longer constitute “a plan”. They are more like flexible work “suggestions”. Obsolete as soon as they are entered into Outlook. There’s a whole ‘nuther discussion…

I think I need a short break, and will then follow that by taking early retirement in Colorado. And there I’ll only use the internet once a month when I drive my horse and buggy into town.  The internet cafe’ will be between the Saloon, and the General Store. There I’ll buy my flour, bullets, pork bellies, and Dapper Dan Hair Tonic. And “once we get ourselves cleaned up, and we get a little smellum in our hair”, I’ll ask one pretty little filly for a slow dance. One whiff of smellum, a few of my smooth moves, and she’ll swoon… soon to be riding shotgun in my buggy, off into the sunset.  If you don’t hear from me after a little while, you can fill in the blanks…  🙂

Naw, the truth is that I may be right here a year from now, talkin’ internet smack, and dreaming of the good old days, when a work schedule meant something. Sheesh…

Time to get down to living life, man. I’m sure it’s coincidental, but the more that I put the past behind me, the better I feel.  I feel like riding again, adventurous, ready for life.

And really do feel ready to make some major changes once the kids are through High School. At that point, I think I’ll really be ready for Colorado, or other points West.

But without a pc?  I need another cup of Joe, because the thought makes me feel a bit queasy. The DT’s from this addiction would be severe enough to disturb the electron balance in my brain for a decade I’m sure. Do they have half-way houses for internet addicts?  “Ween him off slow, Dan, he’s been studying subnet masking, home servers, honeypots, and such for fun…”  But a new Equilibrium would be established, which would be ‘oh so healthy’ in the long run.  This computing stuff is like crystal meth, you do realize, right?

Maybe I’ll think about this next year. Besides, I can quit anytime I want to…

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One Response to Light Travel

  1. KJP says:

    Yeah, I have to have a Goal and then a series of Objectives to get there. However, life is so random you are lucky to just get a To Do List for the day to work properly!I burn up a pile of 3×5 cards every month with the To Do Lists…..

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