We Need The Warrior

The Reason For The Warrior

Our God is a Warrior because there are certain things in life worth fighting for, must be fought for. He makes man a Warrior in his own image, because he intends for man to join him in that battle.

One day the young man Moses, prince of Egypt, went out to see for himself the oppression of his kinsmen. When he witnessed firsthand an Egyptian taskmaster beating a Hebrew slave, he couldn’t bear it, and killed the man. A rash act, for which he becomes a fugitive, but you see something of the Warrior emerging in him. Years later, God sends him back to set all his people free, and, I might add, it is one intense fight to win that freedom. David also fights, battle after battle, to win the freedom of his people and unite the tribes of Israel. Something in the man compelled him, that same something that wouldn’t allow Lincoln to simply sit by and watch the Union tear itself apart, wouldn’t permit Churchill-despite the views of many of his own countrymen-to sit by and let the Nazis take over Europe unopposed. For he knew that in the end they would have England, too.

There are certain things worth fighting for. A marriage, for example, or the institution of marriage as a whole. Children, whether they are yours or not. Friendships will have to be fought for, as you’ve discovered by now, and churches, too, which seem bent on destroying themselves if they are not first destroyed by the enemy who hates them. Many people feel that earth itself is worth fighting for. Doctors fight for the lives of their patients, and teachers for the hearts and futures of their students. Take anything good, true, or beautiful upon this earth and ask yourself, “Can this be protected without a fight?” – Fathered By God

Boy, is this ever true. Anything good, true, or beautiful is worth fighting for. And is worth protecting in battle.  Especially the heart.

I think that we have relegated the role of the Warrior in our society to the obvious. Military personnel rooting out 3rd world villains, or fighting to establish the rule of law elsewhere. But in the last 50 years, the male Warrior has fallen out of favor. Some has been due to a lack of accountability, perhaps our own sins. Blood lust without high principle and honor remove us from the company of Angels, and relegate us to the place of beasts.Consequently, there has been a backlash among men over the years. We have been told we should be more like Mr. Rodgers, or like one of the fainting ascetics who walked around in clorox-white bedsheets. The nice / safe man that society has desired is like highly refined sugar. Too clean and sweet, not healthy for you, and lacking nutritional value. Lacking substance, he WILL kill you. This expectation has caused many men to go underground.  Seeking understanding and mastery over this part of themselves, they’ve been drawn to movies that can only be described as bloodfests.

The Warrior, as God intends him, does not desire rage-filled revenge.  That seems to be a popular stage in our collective entertainment psyche.  There, on the movie shelf, we’ve placed the Warrior somewhere between “Rambo” and a number of Arnold-flicks. The true Warrior seeks justice on behalf of those who cannot defend themselves. He is a Knight, true chivalry is not dead.

But the Warrior does have a place in our world, and is needed more than ever. But sheer battle, and blood lust, are not what this Warrior is about. He is a Warrior of the Spirit. Disciplined, aware of the disparities that define and drive him, he is a Warrior-Poet.

They live oblivious to the brightness of their glory.  I think society is beginning to require them once more, and is trying to restore them to their rightful place. Generations of gamers have lost their Warrior identity even as they sought it,  fighting the enemy in the dark recesses of their mind. There, the Warrior is perpetually dying in an effort to escape the Matrix and become a real boy. Maybe if society once again allows the Warriors among us to breath, we’ll stop losing so many fine young men to lives of fantasy.  There are so many honeypots of our own making that claim our young men, and make us weaker by not allowing them to come to maturity.

“We make men without chests and expect of them virtue and enterprise. We laugh at honor and are shocked to find traitors in our midst. We castrate and then bid the geldings to be fruitful.”- C.S Lewis

I want to spend some time fleshing out the Warrior, as God designed him.  Looking at specific examples of this archetype who have demonstrated selfless courage, great love and sacrifice,  and at once beauty. The Warrior-Poet is the reluctant Warrior, a Renaissance man. One who knows that there is a better way, and desires that more than any glory, fame or wealth. He is looking for a Heavenly City.  He doesn’t seek glory for himself, and is warring first and foremost in the heavenlies.  Because at some level, he recognizes that his battle is not primarily against mere flesh.

I think that the phrase attributed to Confucius describes this man well. “Never give a sword to a man that can’t dance”.  The Warrior-Poet knows love, life. How to live and die well. Looking that over, I wonder. A man who can’t dance may not live well, may not express his love for others as well, and may possibly not know how and when to properly use a sword. That’s the premise, anyway.

I’ve never been much of a dancer. Where I came from, it was held in question, although enough married folk demonstrated it well enough at weddings to make me wonder. How did they ever learn? Guess dancing was something married folk did once they tied the knot. Really?

Alas, I think I grew up just a little too tightly wrapped. Wonder if I can get these grave clothes off in time to really learn how to dance? I’m beginning to think that it’s important. Somehow.

I’m smiling, because it will take a very brave woman. And someone will inevitably call 911 to help the poor man on the dance floor who is having a seizure.

Just think “Joe Cocker”.  😉

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2 Responses to We Need The Warrior

  1. KJP says:

    And the most powerful of warriors spends a great deal of time on their knees…..

  2. chuck says:

    We both agree there, Kris!

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